Hume Lake is full of recreation, time on the lake, blog and belly flop competitions. But it is made to get students closer with God. As students separate themselves, and spend a week dedicated to learning what a life devoted to Him means, not only do we see a community of friends building each other up- we see life change. 

2018 THEME

The most well known verse in the Bible is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” But has our familiarity of this verse caused us to lose sight of its significance? Do we fully understand God’s love and purpose for humanity from the very beginning of time? This summer we will focus on God’s redemptive plan throughout the grand narrative of scripture as He rescues His people from the curse of sin and will one day restore all things. Our hope is that as we seek to know God more, our love for Him will grow which result in a life fully surrendered to him.

Spirit Day Theme

Make sure to come prepared! During Spirit Day Recreation, the camp goes wild in dressing up and going crazy for your rec team. Students will want to get together with their cabin and figure out how you want to come dressed! This year's theme is Lion and Tigers and Jungle, OH MY!





Meadow Ranch is designed for students going into 6th-8th grade. 

The week is full of recreation games, belly flop competitions, hilarious skits, dynamic worship, and a group of friends learning about Jesus together. At Hume, students can spend their free time canoeing on the lake, jumping off the blob, or getting a milkshake. You can never run out of things to do. Meadow Ranch is a closed camp, and students will have their counselors with them throughout the week.

We are currently on a waitlist for Meadow Ranch!


Ponderosa is designed for students going into 9th-12th grade.

At Pondy, the Opener and Super Spirit Day will blow your mind! While on the lake, our students are typically found hanging out together and building a lasting community. In addition to having dance parties at Kajabe Finals or cheering on friends in volleyball tournaments, students are breaking into small groups a talking about life. Our staff and student leadership team makes a priority in meeting students where they are at, and growing in friendship


The total cost of camp is $560 (with the deposit included)

However, at Simi Community, we don't want the price of camp to be the reason a student can't go. Please sign up for our campership fund and talk to our student ministries director, Ashley, to make going to camp a possibility!