Living on mission.

why we exist

At Simi Community Church we believe that God has a specific purpose and plan for every person. God's purpose is wrapped up in the person of Jesus. God's purpose is to see Christ formed in you. As Christ is formed in you God desires to use you for His purposes in the world.

At Simi Community Church we want every person to be a Fully Devoted Follower of Christ.

Fully devoted

A Fully devoted Follower of Christ demonstrates three commitments.

1. They are committed to Jesus Christ.

We believe that each person needs to trust Jesus, not only with their eternal life but also with their life right now. We want to help each person learn how to make Jesus Christ the center of their life so that Christ is formed in you.

2. They are committed to the Body of Christ.

We believe that God did not call us to live this life alone. He wants us to live it in community with each other. We are committed to connecting people in genuine relationships where we can help each other on the journey of life with God.

3. They are committed to the work of Christ.

We believe that God has not called His people to live for themselves but to live to partner with God to do His work in the world. We are committed to telling others about the great life we have found in Jesus.